Casetext Ambassadors: Calling all law students!

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The first time our Harvard Law School ambassador, Jacob Carrel, learned about Casetext was last summer after his 1L year when he saw one of his fellow interns at the Wisconsin Department of Justice using CARA A.I. to double check all of his memos. “[I]t was clear that it provided him better results than the research I was doing,” Jacob explained.. “Once I started using Casetext, I was surprised that not everyone at my school knew about it … I wanted to become the student ambassador because it seemed to me that CARA and Casetext are the clear wave of the future legal tools and I wanted to make sure my classmates were aware of it.”

Over the next few weeks, Casetext will begin selecting law students for its prestigious Law Student Ambassador Program. The program accepts applications from current law students who are interested in legal innovation and modernizing legal research at their law schools. (Apply here.) Since its inception in Fall 2015, the program has touched tens of thousands of law students at law schools across the country.  “One thing that I am consistently proud of is that the program attracts students from diverse backgrounds,” says Katherine Van Hest, the former litigator who leads the program. Applicants have included students who used Casetext as pro se litigants and then went on to attend law school, students whose parents or grandparents were also lawyers, and students who learned about Casetext while in law school. “It is extremely humbling every semester to work with so many talented individuals who then go on to shape our legal profession.”

The reasons why law students become ambassadors are as diverse as their backgrounds. Some students, like our Wyoming College of Law ambassador Brenna Fisher, are moved by Casetext’s core company values. She says that her favorite part about Casetext is “the underlying goal is to make the law free and accessible for everyone, and even when adding on all the great features, it is still an extremely affordable legal research tool…I wanted to represent [a] legal research service that aimed to help everyone, not just big law firms that can afford the high prices.” For other students, they believe Casetext is a tool that can help their peers become better researchers and they want to spread the word. Ilana Bier, our Cardozo School of Law ambassador, says “specifically, as a member of Cardozo Law Review, [she] wanted to help the staff editors expand their resources to improve the quality of their notes.”

If you’re a law student and a fan of Casetext, we want to encourage you to apply to our Law Student Ambassador Program. You can learn more and apply on our Student Page. We look forward to hearing your Casetext story!

Casetext automates litigation tasks to help attorneys efficiently provide high-quality representation.