“Perfect experience to work with...”
If your law firm isn't using tools like @Casetext (and my firm does), should you still be using your law firm?
“Perfect experience to work with...”
A research project that would have taken three days thirty years ago, took 3 hours two years ago and took 3 minutes yesterday. @casetext The revolution is happening.
Joseph Rockne
“Perfect experience to work with...”
I had the pleasure of trying out co-counsel by @casetext and my mind is blown!

@Jacob_Heller you’re a genius! Incredible work on this game changer.
Pratik Shah
“Perfect experience to work with...”
@ghadfield @Casetext is a system built on top of GPT that addresses problems like “can we trust this” — For better and for worse ChatGPT altered the universe. It is the raw system, and we build on top of it.
Adam David Long
“Perfect experience to work with...”
This is all well and good, but "sophisticated legal work" requires legal research.
@casetext's CoCounsel did about 2 or 3 hours worth of legal research for me in 5 minutes and I spent about a half hour checking its work.

AI is a game-changer and down players will be left behind.

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