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What can you do with CoCounsel?


Accomplish more in less time. CoCounsel saves you hours on vital work including legal research, document review, deposition prep, and searching large databases.

Gain a competitive edge

CoCounsel helps you produce more accurate, thorough work product and offer clients faster turnaround times, so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Expand your practice

Tackle new practice areas to generate business. CoCounsel’s Legal Research Memo skill finds and summarizes cases and statutes giving you a foundation in new areas of law.

Increase revenue and cut costs

Take on work you never thought possible. Streamline labor-intensive tasks such as document review, so you can reduce costs associated with hiring legal staff.

Enjoy practice more

Reduce the stress of running a small law firm by delegating routine tasks to CoCounsel, so you can give more to the intellectual aspects of your practice.

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Thousands of small law firms and solo practitioners have relied
on Casetext to boost their practice since 2013.

It would take hours and hours to find the things Search a Database finds in minutes. It means you don’t have 15 lawyers in a basement looking for information. It means greater access to justice.

Chris Nidel, Partner, Nidel & Nace, PLLC

I've always been happy in my career, but I think I would have had even more satisfaction being able to automate the tedious work. CoCounsel lets me focus on the parts of the job that matter most.

Michael Semanchik, Managing Attorney, The California Innocence Project

CoCounsel has its own tab, which is important, because I judge the usefulness of my software tools by whether I keep a tab open for it. I already do this for CoCounsel.

Joe Gibson, Managing Attorney, The Employment Law Center of Maryland

CoCounsel absolutely empowers me to get better results and provide better services and consultation for my clients. It gives me the opportunity to speak with force and conviction about our position.

Valdemar (Val) L. Washington, Founder and Managing Member, Washington Legal

Flexible pricing with high ROI

As a small law practice, you need to carefully weigh every technology investment. CoCounsel gives you an immediate return on your spend. 

Choose a flat monthly rate, or simply pay each time you use a skill.

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