Achieve better outcomes in less time

Automate and streamline contract drafting and review, due diligence, and other key transactional processes with CoCounsel.

What can you do with CoCounsel?

Boost precision and save hours on contract review

Expedite your work while reducing errors and inconsistencies. CoCounsel finds key clauses and provides revisions, helping you achieve better outcomes, faster.

Mitigate risk and ensure compliance

CoCounsel’s extensive knowledge of legal language and precedent lets you quickly and easily identify irregularities and ensure contracts are consistent with applicable rules and regulations.

Jumpstart contract

Quickly locate precedents to use as a starting point for document drafting. Find similar language in other contracts and instantly identify specific clauses or provisions to include in documents.

Expedite deals, cut costs, keep clients happy

Whether you work at a law firm with clients or as an in-house attorney assisting partners, CoCounsel helps you get through redlines faster, for easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective work.

Simplify complex legal documents

With CoCounsel, you can quickly clarify and summarize dense documents—such as agreements and policies—in minutes, instead of spending hours on analysis and interpretation.

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A trusted provider of legal tech for leading law firms

Thousands of law firms, from solo practitioners to Am Law 100 firms, have relied upon Casetext for more than a decade.
As a junior associate doing M&A contract due diligence, I remember spending so much time in the data room doing manually exactly what CoCounsel can do in minutes. Really amazing stuff!
Samantha Seaton, Knowledge Management Counsel, Fisher Phillips

CoCounsel will become a foundational tool for our firm. Its efficiency is staggering and frees up more of my time to focus on higher-level, more strategic work.

Colin Calvert, Partner, Fisher Phillips

CoCounsel is truly revolutionary legal tech. Its power to increase our attorneys’ efficiency has already benefitted our clients. And we have only scratched the surface of this incredible technology.

John Polson, Chairman and Managing Partner, Fisher Phillips

Intuitive AI that’s easy to adopt

CoCounsel is easy to implement and requires little to no training, so your firm can immediately take advantage of the world’s most advanced legal AI.

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