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A true legal replacement for Lexis and Westlaw for an affordable price. Casetext Research offers full coverage of all 50-state and federal cases, statutes, regulations, and rules. Also included is access to CARA A.I., the document analyzer tool that finds on-point cases based on your matter.

Parallel Search

Search the way attorneys think for an affordable price. With help from a neural transformer model trained on the law, Parallel Search uses complete sentences to find you results with matching concepts, even if they use none of the same keywords.


With all-inclusive bundles, you’ll no longer need to hunt to find the right arguments and authorities before you can start drafting. Compose pairs the insights of expert attorneys with cutting-edge machine learning for a smarter way to draft stronger briefs.


Our powerful document search tool can search any set of documents with greater speed and accuracy. Built on emerging AI, AllSearch identifies the specific concept you’re searching for and finds what you need quickly. Expedite discovery, improve knowledge management, and more.

You know the law; we know the cite.

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