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You’ll get access to a case law database with all 50-state and federal cases, statutes, rules, briefs, and more — in one flat price. We don’t charge extra fees like other research providers.

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You can search our database using booleans, natural language, or our advanced A.I. search to get on-point results based on the same facts, legal issues and jurisdiction.

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You can quickly see if a case is relevant using case summaries written by judges, a citator with treatment flags and more.

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Automate Rote Work

You’ll spend less time on busy work. We have automatic copy-with-cite, instant brief binders, and more.

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“Casetext is the best thing I have ever used.”
James Anagnostakis
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You’ll get better results in less time
Filter your results by motion type, cause of action and party type
You can trust us with high quality coverage
We have an excellent citator so you can know with confidence if your case has been negatively treated. You’ll also get access to our support team via live chat, email or phone to help you with your research (at no extra cost).
You can trust us with high quality coverage
We have an excellent citator so you can know with confidence if your case has been negatively treated. You’ll also get access to our support team via live chat, email or phone to help you with your research (at no extra cost).
Easy research
You can easily switch from LexisNexis or Westlaw
We’ve had 1000+ attorneys switch from Lexis and Westlaw to Casetext. We’ll help you learn how to use Casetext with 1:1 support and weekly webinars. We’ll also offer you free access to Casetext until your Lexis or Westlaw contract is up.
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Maynard Cooper Gale

Nothing else on the market compares with Casetext’s power and its price.”

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Just $65/month
Per month per user when paid annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Legal research is the process of identifying and retrieving legal information. The process varies according to the country, the practice area, and the legal system involved. The purpose of legal research is to determine what laws apply to the facts of their case, what are some similar relevant cases, which details are important to their claim, what type of solution they can ask for in court.

Nowadays, relying on legal software to streamline the research is vital. Legal technology and machine learning play a pivotal role in every modern law firm. Whether you need to look through old public records, review state or federal court rules, or combine opinions for supporting case law, modern day attorneys perform research online. The best legal research software options have comprehensive databases and multiple search features, allowing lawyers to deliver better services as well.

The first step in doing legal research is to write a detailed statement of facts that includes a timeline. Then, to understand where to start your legal research, you must determine what is your ideal outcome along with the issues you have at the moment. Once you have that clear, it’s time to use legal research software to get the necessary information to support your case. This step of legal research involves tasks such as finding primary sources of law, searching secondary authority for background information, and investigating non-legal sources for supporting information. Lawyers learn the details of these tasks while attending Law School.

Legal research software is the main resource used in the process of gathering legal information. Sophisticated software, such as Casetext, offers all the necessary legal data and powerful features to obtain on-point results in less time. Most state bar associations also offer free access to legal research, but each state has varying degrees of access to features. Google Scholar is also a good place to start the research but just like any web search engine, the credibility of sources is not always reliable and authoritative.

Casetext is designed to be the leading legal research solution with the best price in the market. We are considered the best because we are a technology company, not a publishing company. Unlike LexisNexis and Westlaw who have hundreds of attorney editors to write content, we use technology to write the content for us. For you, this means you don’t have to pay expensive fees to get access to the law. You can get unlimited access to all the features you can expect from a legal research platform, including a thorough case law database, secondary sources, natural language search, boolean search, top-notch citator, and more for $65/month. The best part is Casetext’s CARA A.I. feature allows attorneys to find 21% more relevant results in 25% less time (from a study we ran with the National Legal Research Group). It’s like having a personal research assistant available 24/7, according to one of our clients.

Casetext customers can get access to public records searching through our partner Tracers® – the #1 trusted investigative-data company for public records searches. Casetext customers get an exclusive reduced pricing plan. Learn more here.

If you are an individual attorney, Casetext costs $89 a month if you pay monthly, or $65 a month if you pay upfront for the year. Firms of between 2-10 attorneys pay $65/month for the first attorney, plus $55/month per additional attorney per month when paid annually. Paralegals and support staff receive complimentary licenses with the purchase of a Casetext account. We also have special plans for larger law firms. If your firm has more than 10 attorneys, please reach out to our sales team.

There are many legal resources available to help attorneys and law students to access information necessary to solve legal issues. But most of these resources are considered ineffective today. Legal encyclopedias, legal dictionaries, law reviews, research guides are all good starting points, but they make the legal research process longer than what’s considered optimal. With modern legal research software, you can leverage artificial intelligence to find on-point cases for any area of law. That includes federal and state law, published and unpublished court decisions and court opinions, statutes, regulations, and more. These features help lawyers research faster and with more accuracy.