Meet your new AI legal assistant

CoCounsel does document review, legal research memos, deposition preparation, and contract analysis in minutes—with results you can trust.

Introducing CoCounsel, the world’s first reliable AI legal assistant, powered by GPT-4

Let CoCounsel handle an array of critical tasks, for superior work at superhuman speed—giving you more time to better serve your clients and grow your business.

Fast-track legal research
and deposition prep

Enter an issue and relevant information such as jurisdiction. Get a complete answer with supporting sources in seconds. Provide information about your deposition and get a thorough outline in no time.

Don't miss a detail during document review

CoCounsel identifies critical documents in contract databases and key information in discovery—increasing precision and recall and lowering costs.

Automate contract revision

Upload contracts and the policies they should comply with. CoCounsel identifies relevant clauses, conflicts, and risks, then recommends revisions.

Relied on by 10,000+ law firms

Since 2013, Casetext has been making the difference for solo and small practices, Am Law 100 firms, and in-house legal departments.
CoCounsel is an outstanding product. It's like having an associate lawyer ready to take on an endless number of delegated tasks and deliver it all in minutes.
Greg Siskind, Immigration Attorney and Founder, Siskind Susser PC
CoCounsel is shockingly good—it's a force multiplier. A lawyer with CoCounsel is more efficient, effective, and confident. That’s a lawyer who's more willing and able to step out and help more people.
Joe Gibson, Managing Attorney, Employment Law Center of Maryland
CoCounsel is like a legal research assistant in your pocket—or a co-counsel. Available and ready to assist in any way. The time-saving possibility here really is hard to overemphasize.
Ariella Kupetz, Associate, Fisher Phillips

The feedback I’ve received so far from people using CoCounsel has been phenomenal. It's fantastic. It blew their minds.

Evan Shenkman, Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer, Fisher Phillips

We have about 600 cases going back 1–3 years, waiting to be qualified. CoCounsel will let us cut that list in half. The sooner we qualify someone’s case, the sooner we can help them get or stay out of prison.

Michael Semanchik, Managing Attorney, The California Innocence Project

The pioneers in AI for the law

Casetext technology empowers more lawyers to provide higher-quality, more efficient, and more affordable representation, to more people.

Unparalleled expertise

Our Yale- and Stanford-trained leadership team’s accomplishments include serving as president of the Stanford Law Review, working on the Senate Judiciary Committee, litigating for top-tier firms, and patenting ABA-recognized technology.
Substance not hype

Substance, not hype

Because our customers trust us with their clients’ well-being, we thoroughly vet every new technology before launching solutions. “Generative AI” might seem new, but we’ve been working with large language models since 2018, not 2022.
reliable rigor

Reliable rigor

Our top priority is trust and safety. Casetext’s expert attorneys and prompt engineers have spent thousands of hours and several months training CoCounseI—filtering, ranking, and scoring results.

The future of legal AI

The rapid evolution of AI is already significantly affecting the practice and business of law. Learn more about where this technology can take us and its role in expanding access to legal representation for everyone.

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