Rethink the way you litigate

Delegate critical tasks such as legal research and document review to CoCounsel, your new legal assistant.
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Complete comprehensive legal research in minutes

Describe a legal issue and quickly get an answer with an explanation and supporting sources. CoCounsel can even summarize cases and draft polished research memoranda.
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Simplify document review

When you're buried in information, CoCounsel helps you quickly identify key materials, such as hot documents. Work smarter and faster—with greater accuracy and thoroughness—during discovery, and cut costs on one of the most expensive aspects of litigation.

Be a deposition powerhouse

Head into depositions thoroughly prepared with a winning strategy. Provide info about your deponent and case and CoCounsel provides topics with pointed questions.
litigator skills

Efficiently sift through mountains of case data

Quickly locate case information from large data sets. Just ask CoCounsel a question and get a fast analysis that helps make sense of the data, allowing you to draw meaningful conclusions and build stronger cases.
litigator skills

Easily summarize complex documents

Instead of spending hours reviewing and interpreting legal documents, ask CoCounsel for a summary in simpler terms and get it in a fraction of the time.

Trusted by over 10,000 law firms

 Since 2013, Casetext has been making the difference for solos and small practices, Am Law 100 firms, and in-house legal departments.
The Search a Database and Review Documents skills change the game the most. Some skills take a 12-hour task to a 1-hour tasks, but these can reduce your work to 1 day from 100 days.
—Chris Nidel, Partner, Nidel & Nace, PLLC

CoCounsel helps improve the quality of our representation. It finds things in 2,000 police reports and transcripts that humans miss. And it doesn't just read, it interprets—that's the game-changer.

—Michael Semanchik, Managing Attorney, The California Innocence Project

Type any legal question, CoCounsel answers in seconds, with cases, statutes, and regulations. General or specific, it answers in kind—no drilling through statutes, regulations, secondary sources!

—Chris Austin, Director of Information Governance, Bowman and Brooke LLP

Not only does CoCounsel save us time, it allows us to take on more complex cases that in the past we just didn't have capacity to support.

—Joe Gibson, Managing Attorney, The Employment Law Center of Maryland

Legal research is much faster with CoCounsel and gives better analysis than we could, even spending hours on an issue. CoCounsel seems to have a knack for delivering output that’s just what we needed.

Chris Austin, Immigration Attorney and Founder, Siskind Susser PC

Litigation is easier with CoCounsel in your corner

Litigate more efficiently, improve work product quality, and better serve your clients.

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