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What can CoCounsel do?

Review Documents

Ask a question about your documents and CoCounsel will read them in full and answer, with citations to sources. Quickly find everything from critical testimony in voluminous transcripts to key terms in dense contracts.

Prepare for a Deposition

Get a thorough deposition outline in no time. Describe the deponent and what’s at issue in the case, and CoCounsel identifies multiple highly relevant topics to address and drafts questions for each.

Search a Database

Ask a question and CoCounsel will search your documents, read the relevant ones, and answer. Find only what you need, like the right template or precedent, previous work product, or internal know-how.

Legal Research Memo

Ask a research question, and give as much detail as you like—the facts, jurisdiction, nuance—and in minutes CoCounsel retrieves on-point resources and provides an answer with explanation and supporting sources.


Interpret and condense critical information in any type of document—including dense agreements, complex contracts, and lengthy opinions—faster than humanly possible and without missing key details.
Extract contract data

Extract Contract Data

Quickly get answers and a complete list of relevant clauses from every contract in a set, based on your questions, making it easier to accurately track deal terms, dollar amounts, and dates.
contract policy compliance

Contract Policy

CoCounsel captures every single clause in a set of contracts that doesn’t comply with a policy or set of policies, reports the risks of using non-compliant language, and recommends revisions.

Tap into the most powerful AI

CoCounsel is built on OpenAI’s GPT-4, customized for the legal industry. It can read, comprehend, and write at a postgraduate level.

Get superior results

CoCounsel gets you to final review sooner. Together, you can achieve more, more quickly—like a vetted list of all relevant info from 500K discovery documents, overnight.

Better serve more clients

Your clients want more from you than you have hours in the day. CoCounsel helps you deliver with speed and quality, and take on work you never had time for.
The Search a Database skill is the Holy Grail.
Chris Nidel, Partner, Nidel & Nace, PLLC

Supercharge transactional work

CoCounsel handles time-consuming tasks with ease, such as extracting all relevant info from entire contract databases and checking contract policy compliance.
Review Documents doesn’t just regurgitate what’s on the page, but gives you an interpretation and explanation of what’s going on.
Michael Semanchik, Staff Attorney, The California Innocence Project

Offload the heavy lifting in litigation

CoCounsel gives litigators a competitive edge by helping with everything from research and memo drafting to document review and deposition prep.
Instead of taking hours to complete tasks, CoCounsel works in minutes. Our attorneys have more time to focus on the more human aspects of law, like developing client relationships.
Amy Carr, Senior Manager, Knowledge Management, Bowman and Brooke LLP

A quantum leap in AI for the law

For the first time lawyers can delegate substantive work to AI and trust the results.

Selected by OpenAI

Recognizing GPT-4’s tremendous domain-specific potential, OpenAI collaborated with Casetext for months of deep, exacting work to build a version suitable—reliable and secure—for use by legal professionals.

Trained for the law

GPT-4 is powerful, but legal professionals need more. Our attorneys and AI specialists spent months developing and repeatedly testing an OpenAI-powered solution tailored to lawyers’ needs and reliable and secure enough to meet the highest bar.

Private and secure

CoCounsel uses dedicated servers to access GPT-4, meaning your data isn’t sent to “train” the model as part of publicly accessible knowledge. Your and your clients’ information stays private and is secured by bank-grade AES-256 encryption.

The AI legal assistant for every practitioner

Solos and small law firms
Provide your clients with the best possible representation, practice more efficiently, and take on more work.
Big firms
Delegate data processing and other tasks, so your attorneys can focus on strategy, creative thinking, and client counsel.
Boost productivity and handle
more work internally, saving time, mitigating risk, and reducing outside counsel spend.
Gain a competitive edge in every phase of litigation, from research to discovery and deposition preparation.
Transactional attorneys
CoCounsel provides suggestions and automated proofreading to speed up contract drafting and review.

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