Casetext this month: 3 feature rollups in Casetext’s platform that you can’t miss

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Team Casetext is excited to announce three new features available now on the platform. We take customer suggestions seriously here and iterate quickly on all of your excellent ideas.

Brief Binder

Would you like to analyze opposing counsel’s brief in seconds? Do you need to cite check your draft brief? You can now simply drag and drop a brief into Brief Binder to pull up the full text of each of the cited cases, with quoted sections tabbed and highlighted, flags on overruled or distinguished cases, and “depth of treatment” scores to show you the most important cases. You can access Brief Binder on the home page by clicking the “Cite-Check and Analyze a Brief” link located beneath “Other Tools.” Click the link, drag, and drop your brief, and you’re good to go.

Download Search Results

Want to share your search results with a colleague or client? Need to review your list of results offline? We’ve got you covered — click the square next to the number of search results and then select “Download List of Selected Results.” 

You can also download your CARA A.I. results! After you’ve run your brief through CARA A.I., click the square next to “Top Recommended Cases by CARA A.I.” Then select “Download List of Selected Results.” You’ve now harnessed the power of A.I. and can now share your CARA A.I. results with your colleagues or clients.

Download Cited Authorities

After you’ve run your brief through CARA A.I. and selected the “Cited In” tab, click the square next to “Authorities Cited in Your Brief” to download a listing of the cited authorities. This is the perfect way to share your findings with your colleagues or clients after cite-checking your draft brief or your analysis opposing counsel’s brief.

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