Drive value and reduce spend

CoCounsel expedites contract drafting and due diligence, optimizes document management, and helps cut costs for in-house legal teams and increase satisfaction across organizations.

What can CoCounsel do for you?

Drive efficiency
through automation

Smoothly ensure policy compliance, identify contractual risk, and extract contract data. CoCounsel automates the lengthiest routine tasks, like contract review, so you can accomplish more in less time.

Boost productivity and precision

Increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. By optimizing workflows and automating tasks, CoCounsel reduces the risk of human error and makes data-driven decisions fast, for better results.

Become a value center

Make your legal department stand out for its value, not its spend. CoCounsel helps your team handle more work internally, reducing spend on outside counsel and other legal services providers.

Strengthen collaboration

CoCounsel provides a secure, centralized method for accessing case information, so legal teams can easily and quickly communicate, stay organized, and resolve shared matters.

Get ahead of risk

Take your legal department from reactive to proactive. CoCounsel enables you to efficiently identify risk, so your team can achieve more than compliance by assessing and mitigating dangers early.

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Relied on by top firms and legal teams in leading global organizations

Since 2013 Casetext has been pioneering technological solutions for litigation and transactional work, for legal professionals from solo practitioners to in-house teams.
CoCounsel significantly reduces the amount of time needed to research many legal questions, and also helps to make sure that known answers are reliable.
Robert Brundage, Partner, Bowman and Brooke LLP

CoCounsel has become my go-to virtual associate. I am able to ask very directed questions and to receive on-point, relevant responses with case citations and summaries to support the response.

Valdemar (Val) L. Washington, Founder and Managing Member, Washington Legal

We use CoCounsel for 100% of our case evaluations, where we write out the legal standards. These took a lot of time before CoCounsel. Time saved has been instrumental in our ability to assist more clients.

Joe Gibson, Managing Attorney, The Employment Law Center of Maryland

CoCounsel is truly incredible. I use it to springboard into research and as a check when I'm done to see if it picks up any cases I missed. No more long nights looking for that one case that might not even exist.

Dixie McCollum, Associate, Fisher Phillips, LLP, Am Law 200

Flexible pricing with high ROI

Corporate legal teams need to ensure every bit of spend brings significant benefit, and CoCounsel gives you immediate return. 

Choose a flat monthly rate, or simply pay each time you use a skill.

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