The top 10 reasons Casetext should be your go-to online legal research tool.

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Looking for the best online legal research tool to help you become the best legal researcher in 2020? Casetext helps you do more with less — even outside the steps of legal research. Here are the top 10 reasons why Casetext should be your go-to for legal research:

1. Natural language AND boolean searching

Got a favorite way to search? Use your favorite legal research techniques to search Casetext’s comprehensive database. Casetext supports both boolean and natural language searching — and on top of that, we offer A.I.-powered search to help you find better results in less time. 

2. A.I. powered legal research

Your new favorite legal research technique: search by document. Drag and drop a document from your matter, and Casetext’s A.I. technology, CARA, will use it to find you other authorities with the same facts, legal issues, and jurisdiction. It’s like having your own research attorney finding on-point authorities for you. 

3. Time-saving research tools

From tools like CARA A.I. to help you find better results in less time, to automatic copy-with-cite to help you instantly add a Bluebook format citation to your drafts, Casetext’s platform includes countless tools, big and small, to help you do more with less. 

4. Confidence in your work

Is my legal research accurate? Have I found all the best supporting authorities? Have I cited any bad law? Casetext’s SmartCite flagging system will help you instantly identify bad law, and you can upload a draft to CARA A.I. to check for any relevant cases you might have missed. 

5. Insights about the law  

In addition to resources like a briefs database and articles authored by top attorneys, you’ll have access to tools that can help you quickly evaluate a case or statute, like case summaries authored by judges. 

6. Affordable pricing

When Casetext was deciding how much to charge for legal research, we felt that you shouldn’t have to choose between an expensive, multi-year contract or trudging to and from the law library every time you need to look up a case. Casetext is affordably priced at $65/month for an annual plan, or $89/month for a month-to-month plan. 

7. No long-term contracts or annual rate increases

Say goodbye to your multi-year contract and increasingly expensive Westlaw or LexisNexis subscription. With Casetext, you can choose between a month-to-month or an annual subscription, and you’ll keep your rate as long as you’re a customer.  

8. All-inclusive subscriptions

We all know a lawyer who’s been burned by “out of plan” fees charged by legal research services. Unlike Westlaw and LexisNexis, we believe you should have access to any law that might help you represent your client, in any jurisdiction — which is why we include 50-state and federal cases and statutes in all our subscriptions. 

9. Top-notch support

Our easy-to-reach, friendly support team is here to help you. You can get in touch via live chat, phone, or email. 

10. Loved by legal researchers at firms big and small

From 4,500+ solo and small firms to 35% of the Am Law 100, attorneys across the country rely on Casetext to help them get better research results in less time (for less money).