How 4000+ Lawyers Have Saved $2000 on Legal Research with One Tool

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Lawyers across the United States have been flocking to this new legal research tool by the thousands in the past year. Even 35% of the Am Law 100 has started using this tool. We’re hearing from several small firm and solo attorneys that it’s the “Alexa of legal research” or that it “can do exactly what Lexis and Westlaw can do but at a reasonable price.”

What is this tool?


If you haven’t heard of them, Casetext is a legal research tool that uses artificial intelligence to help lawyers find cases 24.5% faster than you would with a tool like LexisNexis or Westlaw. They even had a study with the National Legal Research Group to prove how much faster you can find more relevant cases in comparison to the other legal research tools on the market. Lawyers have written several reviews on why they love Casetext. You can read some on G2, Lawyerist, Lawsitesblog and Above the Law.

You can see how it works here 👇

But why exactly have lawyers been switching to Casetext?

  1. It’s built by lawyers

Because the Casetext executive team, and a portion of their team, are lawyers, they have built-in features that lawyers are raving over. For example, you can copy a case citation with a parenthetical quote in a single click. You can even filter by cause of action, party type, and motion type when searching for cases.

2. You can search without booleans

Instead of memorizing every boolean term, you can search like you would on Google. They also have a feature called CARA AI where you can upload any legal document (with or without citations) and find relevant cases.

3. Access to Black Letter Law

In their monthly pricing, they offer Black Letter Law. This is perfect for lawyers unfamiliar with a certain practice area.

4. They have 24/7 support and will build custom features for you.

They have live-chat support within the platform. And if you want to request a feature, depending on popularity, they will build the features as quickly as possible.

5. They will give you free access (up to 1 year) until your contract ends with Lexis or Westlaw

Because of their legal background, they know the crazy contracts you have to sign with the other tools on the market. So they offer free access to lawyers until their contract ends.

6. There are no contracts, out-of-plan fees, and NDAs. It’s only $89/month, $65/month when you have an annual plan, for all 50-states cases, statutes and Black Letter Law

If you’re interested in trying Casetext for yourself, they offer it for free for 14 days. That’s plenty of time to see if Casetext is right for you.

Save $2000 on legal research like 4000+ other lawyers and switch to Casetext.