Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Agree on the Importance of Law Firm Practice Modernization in Recent Survey, But Many are Unaware of Options

A recent survey conducted among plaintiffs’ lawyers reveals some interesting trends regarding the modernization of the practice of law. Legal practice in 2021 looks dramatically different from the legal landscape that existed just a couple of years ago. During the pandemic, many courts and law firms had to adopt new technologies to resume business, and this has pushed the practice of law (finally) towards the modern era of technology. Courts and lawyers can be frustratingly traditional, and many are reluctant to change their ways unless forced to do so. The answers to the survey’s questions provide insight into where plaintiffs’ lawyers currently are regarding the modernization of their practices. 

Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Are Interested in Legal Technology

·      Over 80% of plaintiffs’ lawyers surveyed either agree or strongly agree that the increased use of technology will help their legal practices grow. 

·      Over 70% of plaintiffs’ attorneys surveyed either agree or strongly agree that law firm modernization is important.

·      Over 75% of attorneys surveyed asserted that a better legal research program can help their legal practice. 

Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Are Not Happy with Their Legal Research Subscriptions

·      Over 75% of attorneys surveyed feel that their monthly legal subscription costs are too high.

·      Over 80% of attorneys surveyed would prefer to conduct concept-based legal research as opposed to using keywords and Boolean language.

Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Agree That a Better Legal Research Subscription Is Necessary

·      Over 75% of attorneys surveyed either agree or strongly agree that decreasing business expenses in 2021 is more important than ever.

·      70% of attorneys surveyed are either interested or very interested in technology that helps them write legal motions.

·      85% of attorneys surveyed, however, have never used cutting-edge software to help them write a brief or legal motion.

Plaintiffs’ Lawyers are Unaware of Casetext’s Legal Research Technology

·      Over 75% of attorneys surveyed agree or strongly agree that it is important that motions and briefs are written quickly.

·      An astonishing 100% of attorneys surveyed have never used Casetext’s CARA A.I. legal research technology.

According to this survey, plaintiffs’ lawyers in 2021 understand the importance and necessity of the modernization of their legal practices. The pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges but has also helped push the practice of law into modern times. It is likely that these modernization trends will continue and will require all lawyers and law firms to follow suit. 

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