CONCLUSION- You’re On the Right Track

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As promised, this book has set you on the right track by building a strong foundation in your first 14 days. You aren’t done, but starting off right will save you so many headaches.

You probably feel overwhelmed. You’ll go to a training course tomorrow that tells you how important it is that you market on Pinterest or implement some tangential procedure in your firm. Ignore that. It’s all sound right now. You have to focus on your foundation.

The foundation is your Minimum Viable Product, your attention to your customers’ needs, several worthy mentors, and a strong focus on bliss. If you can take action with these ideas in mind, I can promise you success.

— Mike

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Mike Whelan, Jr. is Managing Editor at Casetext. He spends most of his day advocating for and training solo and small firm attorneys in topics as varied as writing, marketing, design, and collaboration. He was a solo attorney himself for several years after graduating from the University of Texas School of Law. He lives in the Kansas City area with his lovely wife and four rambunctious children.