Casetext this month: 2 feature rollups that you can’t miss

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Team Casetext is thrilled to announce two new features available for immediate use. 

SmartCite Report

SmartCite Report lets you upload a brief and automatically generate a concise, organized citator report.  Specifically, any cases cited in the brief where we assigned a red, orange, or yellow flag will be included in the report, along with information and a link to the subsequent treating decision(s). 

To create a SmartCite Report, click the “Cite-Check and Analyze a Brief” at the bottom of the logged in home page.  Once you click that button, you can drag-and-drop or choose file, and Casetext takes care of the rest. 

New Copy-with-Cite Formats

From the case page, you can now change your default copy-with-cite format to match New York, Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, and Oregon

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