Casetext Introduces Next Generation of AI Legal Research with CARA Patent

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Technology litigators deserve better technology

Patents are their own beautiful, weird type of legal writing. They are long, technical, and incredibly complex documents, often with dozens of citations and hundreds of pages. Translating all those technical elements into an effective boolean query poses a challenge for even the most experienced researchers.

We have heard countless stories from Casetext customers about the long hours IP litigators spend crafting searches to find legal authorities related to their client’s technologies they were protecting for a client. IP attorneys — including those on our own staff — found it frustrating and backward that they were using outdated, inefficient tools in their work protecting the most modern technologies. When Casetext first introduced the A.I. technology behind CARA, many firms spoke about the potential a similar tool would have in the hands of their IP litigators.

A Patently Innovative Solution

We are very excited that Casetext is addressing these pain points with our new product, CARA Patent. For the first time, patent attorneys can leverage A.I. technology to discover relevant case law by using actual patents in their searches. 

When searching with CARA Patent, you can capitalize on the citations and key language in a patent to hone in on case law discussing similar technical elements.  And by running against our comprehensive database of case law, PTAB, and other authorities, you can quickly discover the litigation authority you truly need.

The next chapter of A.I. legal research

With a domain-specific application of our novel search technology, Casetext is introducing the next phase of innovation for legal research. When Casetext first launched CARA in late 2016, we introduced the concept of document-based legal research.  Now, over 4,000 law firms have adopted it to improve their general litigation work-product and demonstrate their commitment to effective, efficient client representation. Now, with CARA Patent, we are introducing the first application of A.I. legal research to a particular practice area.

Don’t get left behind

Currently, CARA Patent is only available to select IP litigation practices with whom Casetext will work in order to iterate the CARA Patent platform, tailoring it to their feedback and needs. If you are interested in being a part of this limited release, you can request access at

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