Casetext is a true Lexis/Westlaw replacement for less than half the cost

Advanced legal research. Easy to use. $65 a month.

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What is Casetext?

Casetext is a legal research platform that is replacing Lexis and Westlaw.

Casetext has all the content and features you need. Research faster and more effectively with our A.I. research tools and advanced citator (red flags). We offer access to all our databases and features for one low price - just $65/month. There are no long-term contracts, no fees to access out-of-state content, and your price won’t automatically go up every year.

What makes Casetext so much better at finding on-point cases?

Casetext's CARA A.I. is an artificial intelligence research assistant that finds cases for you. With CARA A.I., you don't need to think up just the right keywords. You upload the complaint or brief you're researching and CARA A.I. does the research for you. According to an independent study by the National Legal Research Group attorneys typically save 210 hours of research time per year by switching.

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Fewer hours of research per year


Who uses Casetext?

Over 3,000 law firms across the country and across practice areas have switched to Casetext. Our customers include solo attorneys and the largest firms in the country, and everyone in between.

“I find the search engine far more intuitive than other research sites and far more likely to produce relevant results.”

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White & Case
O'Melveny & Myers
Cozen O'Connor
Baker Donelson

Can I see if a case has a red or yellow flag on Casetext?

Yes, using Casetext's industry-leading citator. Combined with a searchable and sortable list of citing cases and legal analysis, Casetext ensures you'll always be citing good law.

Red flags on Casetext indicate if a case has been overruled or reversed on appeal.
A green flag will indicate when a case has been affirmed on appeal.
If a case relies heavily on precedent that was overturned, Casetext will alert you with an orange flag.

Does Casetext have the content and databases I need?

In most cases, yes. With Casetext you get access to all 50-state case law, federal case law, federal and select state briefs, federal and state statutes, federal regulations, and much more.

Unlike Westlaw and Lexis, we don't charge any additional fees. When you subscribe to Casetext, you have unlimited access to all the content we offer.

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Can I get help from a real person?

Yes. We have a great customer support team. Ask us anything right now.


Is Casetext easy to use?

Yes. Lawyers love how easy to use Casetext is. You can use the same boolean connectors you use on Lexis or Westlaw, and can do either boolean or natural language searches. CARA A.I. is as easy as drag and drop.


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Limited time

What if I'm stuck in a Westlaw or LexisNexis contract?

We'll give you Casetext for free for up to a year if you switch.

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Will I be glad I tried Casetext?

Our satisfaction level is through the roof. Most of our customers say they’d happily recommend Casetext to friends and colleagues. And they do.

Save time and money by switching to Casetext