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CoCounsel is my virtual assistant that’s available anytime, anywhere.

Valdemar (Val) L. Washington, Founder and Managing Member, Washington Legal

CoCounsel is an astounding product. It's like having an associate lawyer ready to take on an endless number of delegated tasks and deliver it all in minutes.

Greg Siskind, Immigration Attorney and Founder, Siskind Susser PC

CoCounsel is truly revolutionary legal tech. Its power to increase our attorneys’ efficiency has already benefitted our clients. And we have only scratched the surface of this incredible technology.

John Polson, Chairman and Managing Partner, Fisher Phillips, LLP, Am Law 200

Type any legal question, CoCounsel answers in seconds, with cases, statutes, and regulations. General or specific, it answers in kind—no drilling through statutes, regulations, secondary sources!

Chris Austin, Director of Information Governance, Bowman and Brooke LLP

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