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Advanced search technology powered by AI

AllSearch is a powerful search tool that helps law firms easily search, review, and find documents. Built on an emerging form of AI known as neural nets, AllSearch identifies the specific concept you’re searching for in a document instead of just keywords, allowing for faster, more accurate document searching.

Efficient Document Searching

Simply input a sentence and AllSearch will conduct a concept-based search to instantly find what you’re looking for—even if there are no matching keywords. 
It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, in seconds.

“AllSearch was a no-brainer for me. I use it to search document productions, and the artificial intelligence search is just awesome. I love AllSearch!”

Marshall Keller
Keller Law Firm. P.C.

“Casetext’s AllSearch technology is a huge leap forward in search, and has made our attorneys more effective and efficient. The platform’s ability to retrieve documents based on concepts, rather than literal keywords, is a true game-changer.”

Evan Shenkman,
Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer,
Fisher Phillips

Versatile, Multipurpose Search Technology

AllSearch can be used in a wide range of scenarios, from searching a single contract to reviewing millions of eDiscovery files and more.

Streamline Knowledge Management

Search for concepts in your firm’s brief bank or internal document management system.

Expedite eDiscovery

Sift through millions of documents faster and cut review costs by adding AllSearch to your discovery workflow.

Efficiently search Transcripts 

Find the testimony you need, without searching the exact words the witness used.

Quickly locate Litigation Records

Pinpoint the information or documents you need in a pending litigation.

Fast-track Contract Review

Input a contract term and instantly pull up the same term in other contracts, even if phrased differently.

Accelerate Prior Art Searches

Upload patents and articles and quickly find specific language to help invalidate a patent-in-suit.

State-of-the-art Security

Store and search your documents with confidence. The AllSearch platform is protected by a bank-level security program to ensure all of your data is secure and monitored. 

Pioneering legal tech, relied on by Am Law 200 firms

AllSearch has been recognized as a valuable knowledge management and search tool for attorneys, and is already utilized by leading law firms.