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We know appellate and trial attorneys like you need to perform thorough legal research and draft persuasive briefs—and you need to do so quickly. Casetext has search tools built on innovative AI to help you perform faster, smarter legal research and writing.
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Parallel Search

Parallel Search

Instantly find on-point case law by typing your argument summarized as a sentence, instead of guessing keywords.



Get intelligent analysis of briefs, complaints, and more in seconds.



Draft briefs with breakthrough tech and unprecedented speed.


Cite cases accurately and complete cite-checking instantly.

The features you expect out of traditional legal research platforms-but better
Natural language search makes searching on Casetext as easy as on Google.
Research faster and get better results
With Casetext, you can search the way you prefer. Natural language search makes searching on Casetext as easy as searching on Google. Champion at Boolean queries? Search Casetext by Boolean, or pull up a case by name or citation.
Get results the right results faster with our filters:
Filter by whatever cause of action you’re working on
No one wants to dig through 10,000 search results to find an on-point case. Filters you’re used to, and more:
  • Jurisdiction
  • Date
  • Published and unpublished
  • Party type
  • Motion type
  • Cause of Action