Utah Admin. Code 608-1-12

Current through Bulletin 2024-09, May 1, 2024
Section R608-1-12 - Order of Dismissal-Reconsideration-Right to Private Civil Action
A. If the Director finds no reasonable cause to believe that an unlawful housing practice has occurred, or is about to occur, the Director shall issue a Determination and Order dismissing the Complaint.
B. The complainant may ask the Director to reconsider such order of dismissal by complying with the requirements of Section 63G-4-302 of the Utah Administrative Procedures Act.
C. The Director shall issue a decision either granting or denying the request for reconsideration.
1. If the Director grants reconsideration, the Director shall reopen the investigation, amend the Director's prior Determination and Order, or take such other necessary action.
2. If the Director denies reconsideration, the Director's Determination and Order is not subject to any additional agency or judicial review. However, the complainant may commence a private civil action pursuant to Section 57-21-12(1).

Utah Admin. Code R608-1-12