Utah Admin. Code 608-1-11

Current through Bulletin 2024-09, May 1, 2024
Section R608-1-11 - Conciliation
A. During the period beginning with the filing of the complaint and ending with the Director's determination, the Division shall, to the extent feasible, engage in conciliation to settle the matter or, in accordance with HUD procedures, enter into an enforcement agreement.
1. Conciliation proceedings are confidential pursuant to Section 57-21-9(7)(a).
2. Any conciliation agreement shall be subject to approval by the Director.
3. Any party can enforce the signed and approved conciliation agreement in court proceedings.
B. Nothing in these rules prevents complainants and respondents from settling a complaint through their own efforts. However, the Division will not dismiss the complaint until the parties' settlement agreement has been submitted to, and approved by, the Director.

Utah Admin. Code R608-1-11