Utah Admin. Code 608-1-13

Current through Bulletin 2024-09, May 1, 2024
Section R608-1-13 - Order Finding Unlawful Housing Practice-Appeal-Choice of Forum
A. If the Director concludes that an unlawful housing practice has occurred, the Division shall informally attempt to eliminate or correct the unlawful housing practice by conducting a conciliation conference pursuant to R608-1-11.
B. If conciliation is unsuccessful, the Director shall issue a determination ordering appropriate relief as authorized by Section 57-21-11. The Director's determination shall be made public unless the Director determines that the matter involves a privacy interest entitled to protection by law, or that disclosure is not required to further the purposes of the Act.
C. A respondent disagreeing with the Director's determination may obtain de novo review by filing a written request for review with the Director within 30 days from the date the Director's determination.
1. If no timely request for de novo review is filed, the Director's determination is the Commission's final order and not subject to additional agency or judicial review.
2. If a timely request for de novo review is filed, the Director shall:
a. Notify the parties of such request for review by regular mail at their last known address of record; and
b. Inform the parties that the review proceeding will be conducted by the Commission's Adjudication Division unless any party elects to have such review conducted in court.
3. Any election for court review must be received by the Director within 20 days of the date of mailing of the Director's notice.

Utah Admin. Code R608-1-13