4 Alaska Admin. Code § 33.432

Current through November 14, 2023
Section 4 AAC 33.432 - Enrollment of special education students
(a) A district that offers a correspondence study program shall enroll a special education student on the same basis as any other student. The district must ensure that the student's program meets all requirements of AS 14.30 and 4 AAC 52.100 - 4 AAC 52.790, including child find, provision of special education and related services, procedural safeguards, and the development of the student's IEP. The district must meet all requirements of applicable state testing and assessment under 4 AAC 06.710 - 4 AAC 06.790 for the student. If a special education student is enrolled in more than one district, the district with the responsibility under this section is
(1) the district that receives the larger share of the student's full-time equivalent count for state funding purposes under 4 AAC 09.040(c) and 4 AAC 33.430;
(2) if the student's full-time equivalent count for each district in which the student is enrolled is equal, the student's district of residence; or
(3) if the student is enrolled in more than one statewide correspondence study program and the student's full-time equivalent count for each program is equal, the first statewide program that enrolled the student.
(b) A district may enter into individualized cooperative agreements with another school district to meet the requirements of this section.

4 AAC 33.432

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