4 Alaska Admin. Code § 33.440

Cureent through February 1, 2024
Section 4 AAC 33.440 - Reporting requirements: statewide correspondence and part-time students

Each district that operates a statewide correspondence study program shall submit a report to the department, along with the student count period information required by AS 14.17.600. The report must be in an electronic or other format, as required by the department, and must contain the

(1) number of out-of-district students enrolled in the district's statewide correspondence study program, by district of residence;
(2) name, address, telephone number, and student identification number of each student enrolled part-time in the district's statewide correspondence study program, and the percentage of full-time equivalency assigned to that student.

4 AAC 33.440

Eff. 5/1/99, Register 150; am 12/25/2002, Register 164; am 9/19/2008, Register 187

Authority:AS 14.07.020

AS 14.07.030

AS 14.07.060

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AS 14.30.010