4 Alaska Admin. Code § 33.430

Cureent through February 1, 2024
Section 4 AAC 33.430 - Enrollment of students

A student may not be counted as more than 1.0 full-time equivalent for state funding purposes under 4 AAC 09.040. If a student is enrolled in both the student's district of residence and in a statewide correspondence study program of another district, the district of residence shall count the student first under the provisions of 4 AAC 09.040(c), based solely upon the student's enrollment in classes of the district of residence. Any remaining student count may be allocated to a district that has enrolled the student in classes in the district's statewide correspondence study program, on a first-come, first-served basis. A student may not be counted as being enrolled in a course if the student is concurrently enrolled in a substantially similar course in a different educational institution, including a private school.

4 AAC 33.430

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