P.R. Laws tit. 22, § 167

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§ 167. Charges for connections and use of system—Validation

(a) The contributions or charges required or collected by the Authority, its officers or employees prior to the effectiveness of this act to contribute toward improvements of the system are hereby validated and ratified, such as if same had been imposed or collected for connection and use of the system.

(b) Any owner of units who, prior to the date of approval of this act, has protested in writing one of such charges or contributions required by the Authority, may appeal from the charge or its reasonability before the Board of Constructions and Subdivisions of Appeals within the 30 days following the date this act takes effect, as provided in subsection (e) of § 165 of this title. The Board shall have power to consider the appeal on its merits only as to the totality or part of those charges that the appellant alleges and proves that he has absorbed without passing them on to third persons.

History —July 23, 1974, No. 170, Part 2, p. 4, § 4.