Ky. Rev. Stat. § 160.290

Current through 2022 Ky. Acts ch. 240
Section 160.290 - General powers and duties of board
(1) Each board of education shall have general control and management of the public schools in its district and may establish schools and provide for courses and other services as it deems necessary for the promotion of education and the general health and welfare of pupils, consistent with the administrative regulations of the Kentucky Board of Education. Each board shall have control and management of all school funds and all public school property of its district and may use its funds and property to promote public education. Each board shall exercise generally all powers prescribed by law in the administration of its public school system, appoint the superintendent of schools, and fix the compensation of employees.
(2) Each board shall make and adopt, and may amend or repeal, rules, regulations, and bylaws for its meetings and proceedings for the management of the schools and school property of the district, for the transaction of its business, and for the qualification and duties of employees and the conduct of pupils. The rules, regulations, and bylaws made by a board of education shall be consistent with the general school laws of the state and shall be binding on the board of education and parties dealing with it until amended or repealed by an affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the board. The rules, regulations, and bylaws shall be spread on the minutes of the board and be open to the public. The rules, regulations, and bylaws may include the use of reverse auctions as defined in KRS 45A.070 in the procurement of goods and leases.
(3) Local boards of education electing to enter into agreements pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act, KRS 65.210 to 65.300, with other local boards of education to establish consortia to provide services in accordance with the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990, 1990 Ky. Acts Ch. 476, may transfer real or personal property to the consortia without receiving fair market value compensation. The joint or cooperative action may employ employees transferred from employment of a local board of education, and the employees shall retain their eligibility for the Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System. The chief state school officer, under administrative regulations of the Kentucky Board of Education, may allot funding to an interlocal cooperative board created by two (2) or more local school districts pursuant to KRS 65.210 to 65.300 to provide educational services for the mutual advantage of the students in the representative districts. All statutes and administrative regulations that apply to the use of these funds in local school districts shall also apply to cooperative boards.

KRS 160.290

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