Miss. R. Civ. P. 64

As amended through August 11, 2020
Rule 64 - Seizure of Person or Property

At the commencement of and during the course of an action or the seizure of person or property for the purpose of securing satisfaction of the judgment ultimately to be entered in the action are available under the circumstances and in the manner provided by law. These remedies include attachment, replevin, claim and delivery, sequestration and other corresponding or equivalent remedies, however designated and regardless of whether the remedy is ancillary to an action or must be obtained by an independent action.

Miss. R. Civ. P. 64

Amended effective September 1, 1987.

Advisory Committee Historical Note

Effective September 1, 1987, Rule 64 was amended by deleting "garnishment" as a prejudgment remedy included in the provisions of the Rule. 508-511 So. 2d XXIX (West Miss. Cas. 1987).