Utah Admin. Code 608-1-17

Current through Bulletin 2024-04, February 15, 2024
Section R608-1-17 - Assistance Animals
A. General
1. Pursuant to the Utah Fair Housing Act and the federal Fair Housing Act, this rule defines the circumstances in which an individual with a disability is entitled to an assistance animal as a reasonable accommodation in a dwelling that would otherwise restrict or prohibit the presence of an animal. The term "assistance animals" as used in this rule means animals that assist, support, or provide service to persons with disabilities and may include or otherwise be referred to as service animals, emotional support animals, assistive animals, or therapy animals.
2. The assistance animal must be necessary to afford the individual an equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling or to participate in the housing service or program. This requires a demonstrable relationship between the individual's disability and the assistance the animal provides.
a. Housing providers are entitled to verify the existence of the individual's disability as well as the need for the assistance animal as an accommodation for that disability if either is not readily apparent. Accordingly, an individual proposing an assistance animal as a reasonable accommodation for a disability may be required to provide documentation form a physician, psychiatrist, or other qualified healthcare professional that the animal provides support that alleviates a symptom or effect of the disability.
b. Housing providers need not permit an assistance animal as an accommodation to a person with a disability if the provider demonstrates that allowing the assistance animal would impose an undue financial or administrative burden or would fundamentally alter the nature of a housing facility, program or service.
c. Housing providers are not required to provide an accommodation that poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others. Thus, if a particular assistance animal has a history of dangerous behavior, if the animal is out of control and its handler does not take effective action to control it, the housing provider is not required to accept the assistance animal.
B. Relationship of this rule to other laws addressing service animals.
1. The federal Fair Housing Act, the Utah Fair Housing Act and this rule establish the standards for assistance animals as a reasonable accommodation in housing.
2. This rule does not apply to use of service animals in public areas, common carriers, public conveyances, public accommodations or places of amusement, which are governed by standards set forth in Utah Code Ann. Section 62A-5b-101 et seq., "Rights and Privileges of a Person with a Disability."

Utah Admin. Code R608-1-17