Utah Admin. Code 608-1-16

Current through Bulletin 2024-08, April 15, 2024
Section R608-1-16 - Declaratory Orders
A. Purpose. As required by Section 63G-4-503, this rule provides the procedures for submission, review, and disposition of petitions for agency Declaratory Orders on the applicability of statutes, rules, and orders governing or issued by the agency.
B. Petition Form and Filing.
1. The petition shall be addressed and delivered to the Director who shall mark the petition with the date of receipt.
2. The petition shall:
a. be clearly designated as a request for an agency Declaratory Order;
b. clearly identify the statute, rule, or order to be reviewed;
c. describe in detail the situation or circumstances in which applicability is to be reviewed;
d. describe the reason or need for the applicability review, addressing in particular why the review should not be considered frivolous;
e. include an address and telephone number where the petitioner can be contacted during normal business hours;
f. declare whether the petitioner has participated in a completed or on-going adjudicative proceeding concerning the same issue within the past 12 months; and
g. be signed by the petitioner.
C. Review.
1. the agency shall not review a petition for a Declaratory Order that is:
a. not within the jurisdiction and competency of the agency;
b. trivial, irrelevant, or immaterial; or
c. otherwise excluded by state or federal law.
2. The Director shall promptly review and consider the petition and may:
a. meet with the petitioner;
b. consult with counsel or the Attorney General; or
c. take any action consistent with law that the agency deems necessary to provide adequate review and due consideration of the petition.
3. The Director may issue a Declaratory Order pursuant to Section 63G-4-503(6).
D. Administrative Review.
1. Administrative review of the Director's Declaratory Order shall be conducted pursuant to Section 63G-4-302.

Utah Admin. Code R608-1-16