Utah Admin. Code 156-17b-309.7

Current through Bulletin 2024-14, July 15, 2024
Section R156-17b-309.7 - Exemptions from Licensure - Opioid Treatment Program
(1) In accordance with Section 58-17-b-309.7 "under the direction of a pharmacist" means that the pharmacist has delegated to a covered provider the authority to perform one or more selected dispensing tasks on behalf of the pharmacist:
(a) in accordance with state and federal laws and rules; and
(b) under the general supervision of the pharmacist as defined in Subsection R156-1-102a(4)(c).
(2) A pharmacist retains accountability for the appropriate delegation of dispensing stasks.
(3) The covered provider is accountable for the accuracy of the dispensing task and shall consult the pharmacist as needed.
(4) A covered provider may not:
(a) further delegate to another person any dispensing task delegated to the covered provider by the pharmacist; or
(b) expand the scope of a delegated dispensing task without the express permission of the pharmacist.

Utah Admin. Code R156-17b-309.7

Adopted by Utah State Bulletin Number 2020-03, effective 1/9/2020
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-03, effective 1/27/2022