N.M. Code R. §

Current through Register Vol. 34, No. 10, May 31, 2023

Brokerages working with consumers either as customers or clients may do so through a variety of brokerage relationships. These relationships include but are not limited to a transaction broker relationship, an exclusive agency relationship or a dual agency relationship. For all regulated real estate transactions, a customer or client may enter into an express written agreement to become a client of a brokerage without creating an agency relationship, and no agency duties will be imposed.

A. Transaction broker: a qualifying broker, associate broker or brokerage that provides real estate services without entering into an agency relationship. The transaction broker relationship is a non-fiduciary relationship.
B. Exclusive agency: an express written agreement between a person and a brokerage wherein the brokerage agrees to exclusively represent as an agent the interests of the person in a real estate transaction. Such agreements include buyer agency, seller agency, designated agency, and subagency agreements.
C. Dual agency: an express written agreement that modifies existing exclusive agency agreements to provide that the brokerage agrees to act as a facilitator in a real estate transaction rather than as an exclusive agent for either party to the transaction.

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