N.M. Code R. §

Current through Register Vol. 35, No. 9, May 7, 2024
A. Dual agency occurs when:
(1) an associate broker or qualifying broker is agent for both a seller client and a buyer client in the same transaction;
(2) an associate broker is agent for either a seller client or a buyer client, and the agent's qualifying broker is agent for the other client in the transaction; and,
(3) in a transaction where a buyer client and a seller client are each served by different associate brokers in an agency relationship supervised by the same qualifying broker, and the qualifying broker does not choose the designated agency option, both the associate brokers and the qualifying broker are dual agents in the transaction.
B. In all situations, a dual agent shall act in the capacity of a facilitator rather than as an exclusive agent of either party to the transaction.
C. Prior to writing or presenting offers, a dual agent shall obtain written authority from the buyer client and the seller client in the form of a separate dual agency agreement.
D. Information obtained by an associate broker or qualifying broker prior to the time that written authority for dual agency was granted shall not be disclosed to the other party unless required by law or rules or permitted by the client who originally disclosed the confidential information.

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