N.H. Code Admin. R. Pol 301.07

Current through Register No. 19, May 9, 2024
Section Pol 301.07 - Psychological Screening Test

Each applicant shall meet the following requirements relative to the applicant's psychological screening:

(a) All uncertified police officers, correctional officers, and probation/parole officers employed by the state of New Hampshire, full-time or part-time, and all uncertified police officers, full-time or part-time who are employed by local units of government who have accepted this requirement by approving the necessary funding shall, prior to hiring, successfully pass a psychological screening test battery administered under the direction of a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist;
(b) Such test battery shall be normed for law enforcement occupations and shall be designed to detect both mental illness and behavioral traits that could adversely affect the person's ability to successfully perform the essential functions of a law enforcement, corrections or probation/parole officer;
(c) Such an examination shall be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of administration for purposes of application for such employment, and a valid test given by one department within such time frame may be used by another agency if the second agency has access to the test results;
(d) For the purpose of this section, "administered under the direction of a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist" means a test battery of the type herein prescribed that the hiring authority procured from a person, firm or corporation where the scoring and reporting of the results is done by a psychologist or psychiatrist who currently holds a valid license under the laws of any state; and
(e) No person shall be denied employment as the result of such a testing process unless they have been given the opportunity for a personal interview with a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist employed by the agency.

N.H. Code Admin. R. Pol 301.07

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Amended by Volume XXXVI Number 49, Filed December 8, 2016, Proposed by #12041, Effective 11/16/2016, Expires 11/16/2026.