N.H. Code Admin. R. Pol 301.02

Current through Register No. 19, May 9, 2024
Section Pol 301.02 - Fingerprints and Criminal Record Checks

Each applicant shall meet the following requirements relative to the applicant's fingerprint and criminal and motor vehicle record checks:

(a) The hiring authority shall cause each applicant for employment as a police, corrections or probation/parole officer to be fingerprinted, notwithstanding that the applicant may already be employed by another agency or is already a certified officer. The applicant's fingerprints shall be submitted to the division of state police for the purpose of determining the existence of any criminal history record. The hiring authority shall also check for the existence of a criminal history record and motor vehicle violation history record in New Hampshire and wherever the applicant has resided;
(b) No applicant who has been convicted of a felony under federal law, or the law of this or any other state, province, territory or country, unless he/she has been pardoned, shall be appointed as a full-time or part-time police, corrections or probation/parole officer; and
(c) Pursuant to RSA 651:5, XI (b), the council shall consider the existence of an annulled criminal record in determining the fitness of an individual to serve as a law enforcement officer, in accordance with the criteria of Pol 301.05(g).

N.H. Code Admin. R. Pol 301.02

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Amended by Volume XXXVI Number 49, Filed December 8, 2016, Proposed by #12041, Effective 11/16/2016, Expires 11/16/2026.