N.H. Code Admin. R. Fis 805.02

Current through Register No. 10, March 9, 2023
Section Fis 805.02 - Permits To Release Wildlife
(a) No live wildlife designated as controlled, the eggs or progeny thereof, shall be released without a permit to release wildlife or except as otherwise permitted under Fis 805.02(e), RSA 207:1-a, 214:34-d, or 209-A:3, IV, or unless the release of wildlife is specifically permitted under another permit such as birds for regulated shooting areas or individual training and shooting permits or fish for kid's tournaments under this chapter.
(b) No person shall release or allow to be released any wildlife that is diseased or suspected of being diseased.
(c) No wildlife shall be released on the property of another without written landowner permission.
(d) A permit to release shall be valid from date of issuance to the end of the calendar year in which the permit was issued or the expiration of the health certificate, whichever is sooner.
(e) No permit to release wildlife shall be required to release indigenous wildlife captured or trapped by a landowner, as long as the release is on the landowner's own land or on another landowners' land and only with written permission of the other landowner.

N.H. Code Admin. R. Fis 805.02

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