La. Admin. Code tit. 28 § LIX-907

Current through Register Vol. 50, No. 5, May 20, 2024
Section LIX-907 - Standard 4
A. Students will analyze the impact of the media, technology, economy, culture, and other factors on health through the use of technological resources.
B. Benchmarks 5-8. By the end of grades 5-8 level students should know and be able to:


investigate the quality of health care provided in other countries;



compare and contrast the health of different cultures, race and ethnicity;



investigate the impact of media (e.g., television, newspaper, billboards, magazines, Internet) on positive and negative health behaviors;



describe the ways that technology affects health (e.g., video games, computers, high-technological medical equipment, etc.); and



assess ways in which various media influence buying decisions (e.g., health products, medicines, food).


La. Admin. Code tit. 28, § LIX-907

Promulgated by the Department of Education, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, Office of Student and School Performance, LR 28:1947 (September 2002).
AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 17:24.4 et seq.