Fla. Admin. Code R. 61A-3.020

Current through Reg. 50, No. 035; February 20, 2024
Section 61A-3.020 - Licenses, Change of Series

Any person, firm, or corporation holding a beverage license for which the annual fee has been paid in full may, upon qualifying for a license requiring a higher annual license fee, exchange it for the license requiring a higher annual license fee, upon payment of the difference between the annual rate of the first license purchased and the annual rate of the license desired; provided, however, all such transactions must be based upon the director's approval of the application to make such transactions. Applications for such transactions must be submitted to the district supervisor of the district of the Division of Beverage wherein the premises of the license in question is located and must be processed in the manner prescribed in Sections 561.17, 561.18, and 561.19, Florida Statutes. No reimbursement will be made by the Division to a holder of a beverage license who desires exchanging it for a license requiring a lower annual license fee.

Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 61A-3.020

Specific Authority 561.11 FS. Law Implemented 561.17, 561.18, 561.19, 563.02, 564.02, 565.02, 565.03 FS.
Formerly 12-19-74, Amended 3-1-76, Formerly 7A-3.20, 7A-3.020.