Fla. Admin. Code R. 61A-3.019

Current through Reg. 49, No. 226; November 21, 2023
Section 61A-3.019 - Club Licenses

All clubs licensed under the beverage law must adhere to the following regulations:

(1) Alcoholic beverages may be served only to bona fide club members or to their guests. The payment for such service and distribution must be made only by bona fide club members.
(2) Such clubs must have a definite fixed method of electing persons to membership in the club; such method must be described by the club's bylaws and must have some relation to the object and purpose of the club.
(3) Such clubs may sell and serve alcoholic beverages to club members and their invited guests only within the license premises as described by such sketch appearing on the application.
(4) Spirituous beverages may be purchased only in individual containers which are not larger than 1.75 liters or 59.18 ounces nor smaller than 0.75 liter or 25.36 ounces.
(5) Such clubs are required to observe the same hours of sale as permitted other licensees in the same city or county, unless a special act, city ordinance or resolution of the board of county commissioners establishes different hours of service for holders of such club licenses.
(6) All service and distribution of alcoholic beverages by any such club must be for consumption on the premises only and no alcoholic beverages may be sold in sealed containers for off-premises consumption.
(7) Clubs are prohibited from selling or serving or permitting their service of alcoholic beverages at social functions given at the club by any non-member of the club.
(8) Clubs, in order to qualify, shall have been in continuous active existence devoted to promoting and pursuing the objectives provided by statute for a club for a period of not less than two years in the county where they exist, provided, however, the statutory exceptions as found in Section 565.02(4), Florida Statutes, shall not be affected by this subsection.
(9) It shall be shown conclusively that the organization has actively pursued the purposes and objectives and goals of the charter and bylaws of that organization prior to issuance of a club license.
(10) Nothing in this rule shall prohibit the sale of vinous or malt beverages in unsealed containers not otherwise prohibited by law for on-premises consumption only.
(11) If any club holding a beverage license shall change club officers, such club shall within 10 days of the change file an application with the district office of the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and give a declaration of current officers. Any newly elected officers who have not previously been fingerprinted by the Division must have their fingerprints taken by the Division within this 10 day period.
(12) Subsection (11) does not apply to club licenses issued to national fraternal organizations. For these licenses, instead of all officers, only the official club manager, club steward, or bar manager needs to file an application and be fingerprinted when there is a change.

Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 61A-3.019

Specific Authority 561.11 FS. Law Implemented 561.20(7), 565.02(4), 565.05, 565.06 FS.
Amended 3-22-73, Repromulgated 12-19-74, Amended 3-1-76, 7-18-85, Formerly 7A-3.19, 7A-3.019.