Ariz. Admin. Code § 3-2-207

Current through Register Vol. 28, No. 47, November 25, 2022
Section R3-2-207 - Meat from Dead Animals Processed and Decharacterized for Use As Animal Food
A. The following are minimum requirements for animal food manufacturing plants:
1. Hot and cold water shall be provided with facilities for its distribution in the plant which shall conform with the minimum requirements of the state Department of Health Services. The hot water shall be at least 180° F and shall be used for the cleaning of equipment, floors, and walls.
2. There shall be a drainage and plumbing system and a sewage disposal system that will not serve as a breeding place for flies, constitute a hazard, or endanger public health. Both systems shall meet the minimum requirements of the state Department of Health Services.
3. The floors, walls, ceilings, partitions, posts, doors, and other parts of all structures shall be of materials, construction, and finish that are capable of being thoroughly cleaned. The floors shall be tile, cement or other material impervious to water and shall have sufficient drainage to preclude stagnant accumulations of moisture.
4. All outside windows and doors shall be screened.
5. All rooms shall have natural or artificial lighting and well-distributed ventilation sufficient to prevent uncontrolled mold growth and filth or bacteria that may endanger health.
6. The plant shall be kept free from flies, rats, mice, and other vermin. Dogs and cats shall be excluded from the plants.
7. Tables, benches, and other equipment shall be provided so that processing can be performed free from filth or bacteria that may endanger health.
8. Each plant shall provide toilets, wash basins, towels, hot and cold running water, and soap for the employees with separate facilities when both sexes are employed. Toilets and wash basins shall be kept free from filth or bacteria that may endanger health. The rooms in which the toilet facilities are located shall be ventilated and shall be separated from the rooms in which the animal food is manufactured.
9. Coolers shall be maintained below 40° F. Freezers shall be maintained below 10° F.
B. Decharacterizing or denaturant agents: The following USDA-approved denaturant agents may be used: Charcoal (finely powdered) with a minimum l lb. per 100 lbs. meat, F-D & C Blue 1, F-D & C Blue 2, F-D & C Green 3, or liquid charcoal.
1. In addition to the application of the denaturing agents listed, meat or meat products shall be identified with the following information:
a. The kind of animal,
b. The following phrases:
i. For pet food only from dead animals,
ii. Denatured with ________________________,
c. The correct statement of net weight, and
d. The name and address of processor or manufacturer.
2. Before the denaturing agents are applied to pieces more than four inches in diameter, the pieces shall be freely slashed or sectioned. The application of any of the denaturing agents listed in this Section to the outer surfaces of molds or blocks of boneless meat, meat by-products, or meat food products shall not be considered adequate. The denaturing agent shall be mixed thoroughly with all of the material to be denatured and shall be applied in such quantity and manner that it cannot easily and readily be removed by washing or soaking. Denaturant shall be used to give the meat, meat by-products, raw animal fat, or rendered animal fats and oils, a distinctive color, odor, or taste so that such material cannot be confused with an article of human food.
3. All denaturing shall be done immediately upon condemnation of the meat or product, or immediately after the meat or product is prepared or during preparation.
4. True containers shall be legibly marked with the words "Beef or horse meat from dead animals for pet food only and not for human consumption" in letters at least 3/4 inch in height, on all sides and in at least two places if the container has less than four sides.
5. Every carrying container in which meat obtained from a dead animal is packaged shall have an exterior surface sufficiently absorbent so that the markings on at least two sides, in letters two inches high "Pet food only," will not become illegible during handling, storage, or transportation of the container.
C. Sales of meat obtained from a dead animal are permitted only to kennels, zoos, and animal food manufacturing plants registered by the Department, and records of sales shall be maintained by the purchaser and animal food manufacturing plant.
D. Each vehicle used for the transportation of fresh or frozen pet food shall be clearly and legibly marked with the name of the manufacturer in letters not less than four inches in height on both sides of the cab or body.

Ariz. Admin. Code § R3-2-207

Adopted effective August 19, 1983 (Supp. 83-4). Section R3-2-207 renumbered from Section R3-9-207 (Supp. 91-4). Amended effective July 13, 1995 (Supp. 95-3).