Ariz. Admin. Code § 3-2-201

Current through Register Vol. 28, No. 47, November 25, 2022
Section R3-2-201 - Definitions

In addition to the definitions provided in A.R.S. §§ 3-101 and 3-2001 and 9 CFR 301.2 and 9 CFR 381.1, which are incorporated by reference in R3-2-202, the following terms apply to this Article:

1. "Animal" means any steer, heifer, calf, cow, bull, sheep, goat, swine, horse, ass, mule, burro, ratite, or poultry.

2. "Dead animal" means an animal that died other than by slaughter in a place where inspection is performed by the Department or by the United States Department of Agriculture.

3. "Inedible meat" means:

a. Meat or meat food product from an animal that died by slaughter or was processed in an inspected slaughterhouse, but which an inspector did not pass as fit for human consumption; or

b. Meat condemned by a federal or state inspector.

4. "Rendering" means the conversion of packinghouse waste or dead animal carcasses and parts into industrial fat, oil, or other product unfit for human consumption.

Ariz. Admin. Code § R3-2-201

Adopted effective August 19, 1983 (Supp. 83-4). Amended effective June 4, 1987 (Supp. 87-2). Amended subsection (A) effective February 28, 1989 (Supp. 89-1). Section R3-2-201 renumbered from Section R3-9-201 (Supp. 91-4). Section repealed, new Section adopted effective July 13, 1995 (Supp. 95-3). Amended by final rulemaking at 10 A.A.R. 2661, effective August 7, 2004 (Supp. 04-2).