Wyo. Stat. § 40-14-362

Current with changes from the 2024 Legislative Session, Acts 1-58, 60-118
Section 40-14-362 - Definitions
(a) As used in W.S. 40-14-362 through 40-14-367:
(i) "Post-dated check or similar arrangement" means the act of lending money in which a check or draft is dated on a date subsequent to the date it was written or dated on the date written but held for any period of days prior to deposit or presentment due to the check casher's agreement with or representations to a debtor, whether express or implied;
(ii) "Post-dated check casher" means a person engaged in the business of lending money by means of post-dated check transactions or similar arrangements.

W.S. 40-14-362

Amended by Laws 2014 , ch. 70, § 2, eff. 7/1/2014.