Wyo. Stat. § 35-4-103

Current with changes from the 2019 Legislative Session
Section 35-4-103 - Investigation of diseases; quarantine; regulation of travel; employment of police officers to enforce quarantine; report of county health officer; supplies and expenses

The department of health shall, immediately after the receipt of information that there is any smallpox, cholera, scarlet fever, diphtheria or other infectious or contagious disease, which is a menace to the public health, in any portion of this state, order the county health officer to immediately investigate the case and report to the state health officer the results of the investigation. The state health officer shall, subject to W.S. 35-4-112 and if in his judgment the occasion requires, direct the county health officer to declare the infected place to be in quarantine. The county health officer shall place any restrictions upon ingress and egress at this location as in his judgment or in the judgment of the state health officer are necessary to prevent the spread of the disease from the infected locality. The county health officer shall upon declaring any city, town or other place to be in quarantine, control the population of the city, town or other place as in his judgment best protects the people and at the same time prevents the spread of the disease. If necessary for the protection of the public health and subject to W.S. 35-4-112, the state health officer shall establish and maintain a state quarantine and shall enforce practical regulations regarding railroads or other lines of travel into and out of the state of Wyoming as necessary for the protection of the public health. The expenses incurred in maintaining the state quarantine shall be paid out of the funds of the state treasury appropriated for this purpose and in the manner in which other expenses of the department are audited and paid. The county health officer or the department may employ a sufficient number of police officers who shall be under the control of the county health officer, to enforce and carry out any quarantine regulations the department may prescribe. The regulations shall be made public in the most practicable manner in the several counties, cities, towns or other places where the quarantine is established. If the quarantine is established by the county health officer, he shall immediately report his actions to the state health officer. The county health officer shall furnish all supplies and other resources necessary for maintaining the quarantine. Upon certificate of the county health officer approved by the director of the state department of health, the county commissioners of any county where a quarantine has been established shall issue warrants to the proper parties for the payment of all expenses, together with the expense of employing sufficient police force, to maintain and enforce the quarantine. For purposes of this act, "state health officer" means as defined in W.S. 9-2-103(e).

W.S. 35-4-103