Wyo. Stat. § 33-44-111

Current with changes from the 2024 Legislative Session, Acts 1-58, 60-118
Section 33-44-111 - Prohibited acts
(a) An athlete agent may not do any of the following with the intent to induce a student athlete to enter into an agency contract:
(i) Give any materially false or misleading information or make a materially false promise or representation;
(ii) Furnish anything of value to a student athlete before the student athlete enters into the agency contract; or
(iii) Furnish anything of value to any individual other than the student athlete or another registered athlete agent.
(b) An athlete agent may not intentionally:
(i) Initiate contact with a student athlete unless providing the student athlete with the athlete agent disclosure form as provided in W.S. 33-44-104;
(ii) Refuse or willfully fail to retain or produce in response to subpoena the records required by W.S. 33-44-110;
(iii) Fail to disclose information required by W.S. 33-44-105;
(iv) Provide materially false or misleading information in an athlete agent disclosure form;
(v) Predate or postdate an agency contract;
(vi) Fail to notify a student athlete prior to the student athlete's signing an agency contract for a particular sport that the signing by the student athlete may make the student athlete ineligible to participate as a student athlete in that sport;
(vii) Ask or allow a student athlete to waive or attempt to waive rights under this act;
(viii) Fail to give notice required under W.S. 33-44-108; or
(ix) Engage in the business of an athlete agent in this state:
(A) At any time after conviction under W.S. 33-44-112; or
(B) Within five (5) years of entry of a civil judgment under W.S. 33-44-113.

W.S. 33-44-111