Wyo. Stat. § 33-28-105

Current with changes from the 2024 Legislative Session, Acts 1-58, 60-118
Section 33-28-105 - Creation of commission; membership; terms; removal; chairman; powers and duties; director and duties thereof; other employees; compensation; disposition of fees
(a) The Wyoming real estate commission is created to consist of five (5) commissioners, each of whom shall be a citizen of Wyoming, appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. Not less than three (3) or more than four (4) of the membership shall have been engaged in business as a licensee in Wyoming for at least five (5) years immediately preceding appointment. No more than one (1) commissioner shall be appointed from the same county to serve at the same time. The term of the members of the commission shall be for three (3) years and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Members appointed to fill vacancies shall be appointed in accordance with W.S. 28-12-101, and no member shall be appointed to succeed himself for more than one (1) full term. The governor may remove any commission member as provided in W.S. 9-1-202. The commission at its first meeting held after September 1 of each year shall select a chairman to serve for the following year. The commission has the power to regulate the issuance of licenses, to revoke or suspend licenses issued under this act, to censure licensees and may do all things necessary and proper to carry out the provisions of this act. The commission may, from time to time, promulgate and amend necessary and reasonable rules and regulations for these purposes. Appointments and terms shall be in accordance with W.S. 28-12-101 through 28-12-103.
(b) Repealed by Laws 1983, ch. 156, § 3.
(c) The commission shall employ a director. The director is subject to the rules and regulations of the human resources division of the department of administration and information. The director's salary shall be paid from the real estate commission account specified in subsection (g) of this section. The duties of the director shall include the following:
(i) Maintain and operate a suitable office for the commission;
(ii) Keep books, records and accounts of all activities of the commission;
(iii) Issue real estate responsible broker, associate broker, salesperson and real estate company licenses;
(iv) Make investigations of complaints and possible violations of the real estate laws and practices of licensees and to furnish information and recommendations to the commission for their action;
(v) Assist the commission with examinations to be given applicants for real estate licenses, and to conduct the examinations at the direction of the commission;
(vi) Assist the commission in holding educational clinics or meetings when deemed advisable with the aim of promoting higher standards of practice in the real estate profession;
(vii) Assist the commission in promulgating rules in compliance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act, for the operation of the commission and the implementation of this law; and
(viii) Perform other duties as the commission prescribes.
(d) The commission shall employ other staff members to assist in the discharge of the duties imposed upon it by this act and shall prescribe the duties and fix the compensation of its staff members, subject to the rules and regulations of the human resources division of the department of administration and information. The office of the commission shall be maintained in Cheyenne and all files, records and property of the commission shall at all times remain in the Cheyenne office. No commission staff member may be a paid employee of any real estate association, real estate company or real estate licensee.
(e) Each member of the commission shall receive compensation from the real estate commission account for each day actually spent on his official duties including per diem and mileage as provided in W.S. 33-1-302(a)(vii) and salary in the amount provided by W.S. 28-5-101(d) for the performance of official duties.
(f) The commission shall adopt a seal, including the words Wyoming Real Estate Commission, Office of the Commission by which the acts of the commission shall be authenticated. Copies of all records and papers in the office of the commission, certified by the signature of the director and the seal of the commission, shall be received in evidence in all cases equally and with like effect as the originals.
(g) All fees collected by the commission shall be deposited in the state treasury. The state treasurer shall deposit the fees to the credit of the real estate commission account. Disbursements from the account shall not exceed the monies credited to it.
(h) The presence of three (3) members of the commission shall constitute a quorum. In the absence of the chairman, the member of the commission present who is senior in time of service shall serve as the presiding officer. The action of the majority of the members of the commission shall be deemed the action of the commission.

W.S. 33-28-105

Amended by Laws 2017 , ch. 166, § 1, eff. 7/1/2017.
Amended by Laws 2014 , ch. 69, § 2, eff. 7/1/2014.
Amended by Laws 2011 , ch. 104, § 1, eff. 7/1/2011.