Wyo. Stat. § 31-6-103

Current through the 2024 legislative session
Section 31-6-103 - Application for hearing; stay of suspension of license; scope of hearing
(a) A timely request for a hearing shall stay the suspension until the order following the hearing is entered and all appellate review of the matter is completed, provided the stay of suspension is effective only so long as there is no suspension for a similar violation during the hearing and appeal period.
(b) The scope of a hearing for the purposes of this act shall cover the issues of whether a peace officer had probable cause to believe the arrested person had been driving or was in actual physical control of a motor vehicle upon a public street or highway in this state in violation of W.S. 31-5-233(b) or any other law prohibiting driving under the influence as defined by W.S. 31-5-233(a)(v), whether the person was placed under arrest, or if a test was administered, whether the test results indicated that the person had an alcohol concentration of eight one-hundredths of one percent (0.08%) or more, and whether, except for the persons described in this act who are incapable of cooperating with the administration of the test, he had been given the advisements required by W.S. 31-6-102(a)(ii). At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing examiner shall order that the suspension either be rescinded or sustained. If a chemical test was administered, the hearing examiner has the same authority to modify a license suspension under this act as he does under W.S. 31-7-105.
(c) Prehearing discovery, available to any interested party is limited to access to the notice of suspension, signed statement and any accompanying documentation submitted by the arresting officer. Other types of discovery available under other law are not available in a hearing under this section.

W.S. 31-6-103

Amended by Laws 2011 , ch. 178, § 1, eff. 7/1/2011.