Wyo. Stat. § 31-6-101

Current through the 2024 legislative session
Section 31-6-101 - Definitions
(a) As used in this act:
(i) "Alcohol concentration" means as defined in W.S. 31-5-233(a)(i);
(ii) "Controlled substance" includes:
(A) Any drug or substance defined by W.S. 35-7-1002(a)(iv);
(B) Any glue, aerosol or other toxic vapor which when intentionally inhaled or sniffed results in impairment of an individual's ability to drive safely;
(C) Any drug or psychoactive substance, or combination of these substances, capable of impairing a person's physical or mental faculties.
(iii) "Department" means the department of transportation;
(iv) "Peace officer" means as defined in W.S. 7-2-101;
(v) "This act" means W.S. 31-6-101 through 31-6-108.
(b) The definitions provided by W.S. 31-5-102(a) apply in this act.

W.S. 31-6-101