Wyo. Stat. § 22-15-105

Current with changes from the 65th Legislature, Special Session, Ch. 3
Section 22-15-105 - Challenged person may vote; generally
(a) If a person offering to vote is challenged, and the challenge is not resolved in accordance with W.S. 22-15-106, an election judge shall offer the voter a ballot clearly marked "provisional" and which cannot be automatically tabulated.
(b) A person challenged on any ground may vote by provisional ballot, if he subscribes this oath in writing before a judge of election:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am the person I represent myself to be and that I am a qualified elector entitled to vote in this precinct at this election and that this is the only ballot I have or will vote in this election.".


Signature of voter


Signature of judge


Precinct and District No.

(c) The oath required by this section shall be printed on the provisional ballot envelope.
(d) A challenged voter may present information and documentation of his eligibility to register at the election or to vote to the county clerk until the close of business on the day following the election. Any information presented shall be considered by the canvassing board in determining the voter's eligibility to register at the election or to vote and whether to open and count his provisional ballot. The provisional ballot shall be counted only after the voter has, by presenting documentation required under this code to the county clerk, established he had previously registered and is a qualified elector or he was eligible to register at the election and is a qualified elector.

W.S. 22-15-105