Wyo. Stat. § 17-31-105

Current with changes from the 2022 legislative Session through Ch. 112
Section 17-31-105 - Formation
(a) Any person may form a decentralized autonomous organization which shall have one (1) or more members by signing and delivering one (1) original and one (1) exact or conformed copy of the articles of organization to the secretary of state for filing. The person forming the decentralized autonomous organization need not be a member of the organization.
(b) Each decentralized autonomous organization shall have and continuously maintain in this state a registered agent as provided in W.S. 17-28-101 through 17-28-111.
(c) A decentralized autonomous organization may form and operate for any lawful purpose, regardless of whether for profit.
(d) Repealed by Laws 2022, ch. 36,§ 2.
(e) If the articles of organization filed pursuant to subsection (a) of this section does not include a publicly available identifier as required by W.S. 17-31-106(b), the person filing shall have thirty (30) days to provide the publicly available identifier to the secretary of state. If the publicly available identifier is not provided within thirty (30) days, the secretary of state shall dissolve the decentralized autonomous organization.

W.S. 17-31-105

Amended by Laws 2022, ch. 36,§ 1, 2, eff. 3/9/2022.
Added by Laws 2021, ch. 162,§ 1, eff. 7/1/2021.