Wyo. Stat. § 14-2-206

Current through the 2024 legislative session
Section 14-2-206 - Protection of parental rights; applicability
(a) The liberty of a parent to the care, custody and control of their child is a fundamental right that resides first in the parent.
(b) The state, or any agency or political subdivision of the state, shall not infringe the parental right as provided under this section without demonstrating that the interest of the government as applied to the parent or child is a compelling state interest addressed by the least restrictive means.
(c) The parental right as provided under this section shall also apply to any state or local education agency, school district, board of trustees, commission or school under title 21 of the Wyoming statutes regarding communication or disclosure to a parent about that parent's unemancipated child.

W.S. 14-2-206

Amended by Laws 2024, ch. 110,§ 1, eff. 7/1/2024.
Added by Laws 2017 , ch. 188, § 1, eff. 7/1/2017.